Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A busy day

I read somewhere that some ship had crashed on a forgotten island off the north cost of Kalimdor.

On investigating, I found several people who were willing to pay to have all manner of things collected/recovered from around this island.

The most interested experience was a tormented furbold who guided me on an astounding tour of the island. S/He cast some extremely usefull spells on my person in order to assist me (I wonder if the postal service has access to these abilities). These consisted of a mild form of flight (more like controlled falling), high speed underwater swimming. The most surreal of all was a transformation into something that resembles a panther and a temporary shifted into an alternate plane of existence. This enabled me to move about the land without any interruption from any interlopers, but my vision was like I was tripping on some unstable hallucinogenic drug. Pitty it only lasted 3 minutes.

I really wished skills like pickpocketing allowed me to obtain inconsequential items like generic keys and not just cash and random junk. I would deeply like to free various trapped victims, but the damn captors will only relieve they grasp on the keys upon death.

The local trainer taught me a new ability, this is meant to allow me to stun an opponent for a few seconds. This seemed like a perfect solution to acquiring some items in the Ban'ethil Barrow Den. Unfortunately I can only put one person to sleep at a time, the nasty side effect of this action is that I become visible again, consequently everything else in the immediate vicinity starts pounding on my helpless body. Oh well. I'll try again some other time.