Monday, October 23, 2006

Progress so far

Over the past year and a bit of the odd adventuring, I have managed to venture over most of this strange land.
On occasion people wish to have various objects passed to an acquaintance (these people are too slack to use the postal system, lucky me), some times they wish an item to be retrieved (more often than not these items are guarded by unpleasant people). Frequently they give me lots of money for this simple roll. I've even been asked to drag some poor child all over the place, little blighter was so eager to see the outside world (I'd hate to be cooped up in an orphanage as well).

I've been making a small amount of money from selling the rocks I've been digging up from around the place (people are strange). Flowers seem to be in demand as well. It feels bad to deprive the plant of it reproductive system, but I come back after a few hours and the plant seems to have grown more, so I must be pruning it the right way.


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