Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Self degradation

Last week I met this little boy in the Stormwind orphanage, Jesper. He asked me to go fetch him some sweets from various people round the place, since he's not allowed to leave the orphanage.

I thought this would be an easy job, which it was, just the things these bastards made me do. They had no problem with giving me the sweets in question, just as long as a prance around in front of them like some demented prat. Never before have I been required to parade myself in public so ashamedly just for a piece of sugar, that I don't even get to eat myself.

Once I degraded myself to these respectable members of society, Jesper was kind enough to reward me with some weird transformational matrix thingy. Every time I use it, I transform into something horrible, though it doesn't seem to scare people away.


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