Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Self degradation

Last week I met this little boy in the Stormwind orphanage, Jesper. He asked me to go fetch him some sweets from various people round the place, since he's not allowed to leave the orphanage.

I thought this would be an easy job, which it was, just the things these bastards made me do. They had no problem with giving me the sweets in question, just as long as a prance around in front of them like some demented prat. Never before have I been required to parade myself in public so ashamedly just for a piece of sugar, that I don't even get to eat myself.

Once I degraded myself to these respectable members of society, Jesper was kind enough to reward me with some weird transformational matrix thingy. Every time I use it, I transform into something horrible, though it doesn't seem to scare people away.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Progress so far

Over the past year and a bit of the odd adventuring, I have managed to venture over most of this strange land.
On occasion people wish to have various objects passed to an acquaintance (these people are too slack to use the postal system, lucky me), some times they wish an item to be retrieved (more often than not these items are guarded by unpleasant people). Frequently they give me lots of money for this simple roll. I've even been asked to drag some poor child all over the place, little blighter was so eager to see the outside world (I'd hate to be cooped up in an orphanage as well).

I've been making a small amount of money from selling the rocks I've been digging up from around the place (people are strange). Flowers seem to be in demand as well. It feels bad to deprive the plant of it reproductive system, but I come back after a few hours and the plant seems to have grown more, so I must be pruning it the right way.

The beginning

I was born into this strange world that is obsessed with the continual pursuit of violence towards almost everything around us shortly after the world was created and decided that this is wrong.

There must be a better way to live one's life other than constantly killing, so I have thrown away my weapons and seek live a life in harmony with the world, even if it does not wish to live in harmony with me.

I decided to make a pact that I will adventure without causing any harm to any living creature and no harm to any creature is allowed to be dealt in my defence. This has become quite a challenge as the world seems to be geared towards causing damage to others in one way or another.